3:40 PM - Saturday 16 Jan 2021

Specialized Courses

Specialized training courses SOCPA shall implement an annual program of specialized courses covering a number of topics that extends from one day to five days.

Targeted attendees of the specialized courses:

The specialized courses target SOCPA full members and others subjected to the requirements of continuing professional education and consequently required to satisfy a specified number of educational points for each year through attendance of those specialized courses they chose. The specialized courses target also SOCPA associate members and others categories working in the profession, in order to provide them with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the accounting and auditing profession and other related areas.

Method of selecting topics of specialized courses:

SOCPA shall pursue various sources involved in emerging developments, in order to identify the topics that can be presented as specialized courses within its annual program. SOCPA shall conduct survey, covering its members and other beneficiaries of the program in the public and private sectors, for the purpose of identifying topics preferred by them and consequently add to the annual program as specialized courses. Upon that SOCPA shall prepare a proposal program of specialized training courses covering the whole year and present to the Education and Training Committee in order to study and discuss the topics proposed and to verify their suitability and make adjustments, if needed, and finally approve the program.

Preparation of training materials for specialized courses:

Through its department of training and professional development, and coordination with academics and professionals, SOCPA shall determine the detailed elements of each of the topics of the courses listed in the approved annual program. Those elements shall be discussed and verified to cover all aspects of the topic for each course separately in a comprehensive and integrated manner. Then one or more consultants shall be chosen to prepare the training material according to specific conditions including:
  1. The consultant shall be obliged to prepare the training material according to the elements specified for the topic of the course.
  2. Prepare detailed comprehensive notes covering all elements of the topic.
  3. Ensure clarity and adequacy of the explanation.
  4.  Ensure relevancy of explanation approach in the notes and soundness of language.
  5.  Prepare practical examples, practical cases and model answers and solutions required by the topic of the course.
  6.  Prepare PowerPoint to be used in explaining the course topics.
  7.  Record references and sources used in the preparation of the training material.

Course venues:

SOCPA implement the program of specialized courses in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. SOCPA engages are with one hotel to provide a training hall furnished all necessary requirements and services for trainees.


SOCPA assigns the task to trainers chosen from academics and professionals with appropriate qualifications and practical experience, consistently with the nature of the topic of the course.

Method of providing specialized courses:

The method of providing the specialized courses includes: 
  • Lectures to explain the theoretical aspects and review of professional and technical standards related to the topic of the course.
  • Group discussion to provide an opportunity for trainees to interact and benefit from each other's experiences and share experiences that they have.
  • Introduce practical cases and examples through dividing participants in groups, in order to give them an opportunity for group discussion and allow them to interact with the rest of their colleagues.

Survey the trainees opinions:

SOCPA seeks the opinions of the trainees involved in each specialized course with respect to the training material and the trainer, using a special questionnaire covering a number of questions to assess the material and the trainer. Survey results are analyzed after each course and trainees' comments are used to improve material and method of delivery of courses.