2:52 PM - Saturday 16 Jan 2021

Fellowship Program

Fellowship Exam Training Program Courses (Zamala)

a. Objectives and Courses:

The courses aim to enable trainees to acquire the theoretical & practical knowledge of the accounting & auditing profession and the skills to implement such knowledge.It is expected that the following objectives will be achieved:

  • Availing adequately qualified staff in the areas of accounting ,auditing,internal control,credit, financial analysis & planning ,investment and other areas related to the accounting and auditing profession.
  • Controlling the financial operations of different kinds of entities and assisting their managements to takes correct decisions which will ensure their continuity & enhance their contribution to the national economy.
  • Increasing trust & confidence in the finanacial statements of business entities which strengthens the market value of their shares & enables them to get cerdit & market their services to customers.
  • Minimizing the cost which government & private entities for incur for training their staff in the accounting and auditing profession.
  • Benefits acquired by trainees coverd by the Civil service regulations

b. Importance of Zamala Program Courses:

  • Professional development is vital for raising the standard of the accounting & auditing profession. The certified public accountants regulations enacted by the Royal decree no. M/12 dated 13/5/1412 H assigned SOCPA the responsibility of organizing professional fellowship Exams. Passing fellowship exams is a condition for obtaining SOCPA full membership & registering as a public accountant.SOCPA Board and its technical committees took all necessary steps and passed the fellowship exams regulations.
  • To facilitate the way for those interested in taking the fellowship exams SOCPA organizes training courses.SOCPA Board passed the general framework of the fellowship exam courses and within that framework the training material for the different courses were developed.Each training material package covers a number of topics & subjects pertinent to each of the five fellowship courses.The material includes a description of the objectives, full review & explation of topics in view of the professional standards for each subject , in addition to practical examples and problems.
  • Because of the importance of training in general and the fellowship exam training program in particular and its role in developing employees and enabling them to understand the finanacial statements & the application of professional standards, The Mininstry of Civil Service approved SOCPA fellowship Exam training program and issued its decision no. 267/19/TB dated 28/5/1419H endorsing the program for training employees covered by the civil service training regulations.

c. Zamala Course Highlights:

1. Accounting

  • Accounting  Conceptual Framework
  • Cash & Cash flow
  • Investments
  • Debtors & Receivables
  • Inventory
  • Fixed & Intangible Assets
  • Leases
  • Liabilities
  • Equity
  • Revenue Measurement
  • Other Financial Topics  (Price changes, Foreign currency, Deffered payment contracts, Diclosure requirements, Branch Accounting)
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Basics of  cost Accounting
  • Cost Accounting Systems
  • Budgeting
  • Management Accounting
  • Government Accounting

2. Auditing

  • Introduction to Auditing
  • The conceptual framework
  • Auditor's Responsibility
  • Planning the Audit  Engagement
  • Studying & Evaluating Internal Control System
  • Audit Evidence
  • Audit Reports  & Audit Sampling
  • EDP Audit

3. Zakat and Tax

  • Zakat & tax Conceptual Framework
  • The Organization Structure of Zakat & tax Department
  • Zakat & its applications
  • Tax Law & its applications
  • Tax law Regulations

4. Islamic Jurisprudence

  • The Conceptual framework of Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Mawarith (Inheritance)
  • Islamic Fiqh contracts

5. Saudi Commercial Law

  • The Conceptual Framework of Saudi Commercial Law
  • Commercial Laws In the Kingdom
  • Practical Applications

d. Who Should Attend:

All those who are interested in the accounting & auditing profession from those working in the public or private sectors particularly those interested in SOCPA fellowship ( Zamala ) exam.

e. Instructors:

A number of highly qualified instructors are selected by SOCPA from those specialized in the topics & subjects of the courses and who have adequate knowledge & paractical experience.