Student Membership

This service gives students the opportunity to register and identify themselves as part of the accounting industry.
It is a free membership given to students who meet the specified terms and condition

Terms and conditions


Student membership is offered to students who meet the following conditions:

1 Saudi nationality.

2 Have one of the following qualifications:



Level in Saudi Standard Classification of Educational Levels and Specialization

Accepted Specializations


Student with a bachelor's degree (or any higher degree) from a Saudi college of Administrative Sciences or other recognized universities.

Level (6, 7, and 8)



Students at the diploma level in Accounting from Saudi universities, colleges, institutes or similar recognized entities.

Level (5)


Only educational certificates recognized by the Ministry of Education are accepted


1. A copy of the national identity.
2. A personal photograph (not mandatory for ladies).
3. A copy of the academic record.
4. A copy of the student identification letter issued by the University on a recent date.

Membership Certificate

An electronic certificate can be printed online through the member's electronic services page.


1. The chance to be part of a high-end professional community and connecting with members.
2. Discount on the following training courses:  
    - 50% discount on Specialized training courses.
    - 50% discount on Fellowship Preparation Courses.
    - 30% discount on the training program for the VAT Specialist Certificate test.
    - 30% discount on the training program for the Accounting Technician Certificate test.
3. The opportunity to attend the various conferences, symposiums, and events organized by SOCPA.
4. Access to all of SOCPA's free publications and all the information available on various professional activities.

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