17 Jan 2021

An Invitation to Share Opinions on FRS Drafts for Entities Entering Bankruptcy Procedures

The Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountants represented by the Accounting Standards Committee is currently working to provide adequate accounting requirements for the financial report of the entity that enters into bankruptcy procedures according to the bankruptcy law, judicial or voluntary liquidation. According to the procedures adopted by the SOCPA related to the new pronouncements, that these pronouncements are published to the general public, so you will find the draft...


01 Jan 2021

Training Program Guide for 2021

In light of the SOCPA's experience and its endeavor to provide appropriate training programs that contribute to training in the field of accounting and auditing in the public and private sectors and qualifying applicants for the professional exam of SOCPA, a comprehensive guide for training programs has been prepared that includes all the programs that SOCPA intends to implement during the year 2021. It is hoped that this guide will contribute to providing the required information about...

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Last Update On: 29 Jul 2021