19 Jun 2023

SOCPA Provides Fellowship Exam Scholarships for 262 Graduates of Saudi Universities

Stemming from the close cooperation that links the Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountants (SOCPA) with Saudi universities, and from its keenness to support national cadres of accounting graduates, SOCPA is preparing to implement the fellowship exam next August for recipients of scholarships for accounting graduates who, excel academically, to take the fellowship exam. SOCPA launched this initiative as part of the initiatives of the International Conference on Accountancy E...


18 Jun 2023

SOCPA Publishes the Updated Full Version of IFRS 2023

Among the efforts of Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountants (SOCPA) to encourage the application of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and according to the agreement signed with International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), SOCPA published the Updated Full Version of IFRS on its website in 1-1-2023. This version included the amendments made to the standards in 2022 by the IASB. To view the approved updated version of IFRS 2023, click here. To vi...


07 Jun 2023

SOCPA Announces the Names of Recent Fellowship Holders

Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountants (SOCPA) is pleased to congratulate those who have obtained the Fellowship Certificate for the 1st Cycle of 2023, wishing them great success in their careers​  


04 Jun 2023

SOCPA Comments on Tentative Agenda Decisions of the IFRS Interpretations Committee

The International Interpretations Committee published three tentative decisions in response to inquiries received regarding the application of accounting standards. These inquiries included an inquiry about how to account for guarantee over a derivative contract, how to account for premiums receivable from an intermediary, and how to account for Homes and Home Loans Provided to Employees. Represented by the Accounting Standards Council, SOCPA agrees with the conclusion of the committee pertai...


30 May 2023

SOCPA Celebrates 990 Individuals Who Recently Obtained Professional Certificates

On Monday, May 29, 2023, Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountants (SOCPA) organized the annual ceremony for those who obtained professional certificates for the year 2022, under the title "Our Success is a Story... You Can Live It". SOCPA celebrated 990 male and female accountants for obtaining professional certificates in Fellowship exams, VAT specialist, Accounting technician exams, the training course for governmental accounting and auditing, and the professiona...


23 May 2023

SOCPA Participates in the First semiannual meeting of 2023 for the Emerging Economies Group

Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountants (SOCPA), represented by the Accounting Standards Council, participated in the first semiannual meeting for 2023 of the Emerging Economies Group (EEG) of the G20 affiliated with the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), which was established by the International Council to discuss issues of accounting standards from the point of view of emerging economies in order to reach accounting standards that increase the level of tran...

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