23 May 2022

SOCPA Approves the Governing Rules for Accounting Services

In an effort to regulate, license, and control the profession of “accounting services”, SOCPA’s Board of Directors has approved the Governing Rules for Accounting Services, which enables holders of an accounting technician’s certificate to provide their accounting services in accordance with the rules and regulation. This step aims to enable those qualified to provide accounting services to provide their services in a legal and regulated manner which will contribute to r...


19 May 2022

SOCPA Launches the “Electronic Data Upload” Service

SOCAP has launched the “Electronic Data Upload” Service which allows those licensed to provide Tax and zakat services to electronically supply SOCPA with the annually required data and information, making the process easier and more accurate than before. The new service is part of SOCPA's efforts toward digitizing its services to achieve the highest levels of quality performance and improve work. It also comes as part of the quality control program for the performance of those l...


17 May 2022

SOCPA and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation Sign an MoU

SOCPA and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation have signed an MoU with the aim of cooperating in developing new training programs in accounting and qualifying accountants and auditors. The MoU was signed by SOCPA's CEO Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Meghames and the Vice Governor for Training at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation Dr. Abdullah bin Mastor Al-Marzoq. This MoU will pave the way for cooperation between the two parties to develop the accounting programs in ...


10 May 2022

SOCPA Participates in the International Conference & Exhibition for Education 2022

SOCPA is participating in the International Conference & Exhibition for Education 2022 (ICEE 2022) which is being held from the 8th of May 2022 to the 11th. The participation of SOCPA aims to showcase the best textbooks and references in the accounting and auditing field and ultimately serve and help develop the accounting community in the kingdom. On this occasion, Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Maghamis, CEO of SOCPA, said that the organization's participation in the exhibition will provid...


21 Apr 2022

SOCPA Corrects an Error It Found in the International Code of Ethics

SOCPA has notified the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) of an error in the International Code of Ethics. The error was discovered during SOCPA's translation of the updated version of the code for this year. IFAC has responded by thanking SOCPA for this discovery and for its continued cooperation in serving the profession and its members. SOCPA is working on translating the publications of IFAC, including the publications of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accounta...


20 Apr 2022

SOCPA Translates “Forensic Accounting” Book

SOCPA has completed the translation of Forensic Accounting by Robert Rufus, Laura Miller, and William Hahn after securing the translation copyrights from the publisher Pearson Education. The book is intended to be an important textbook and reference to the practitioners of the professing in the judicial system. This book is considered the first of its kind in that it provides a comprehensive overview of this kind of accounting. By translating the book into Arabic, SOCPA aims to educate students ...

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