7:00 PM - Friday 05 Jun 2020

Board of Directors

SOCPA Board of Directors

SOCPA Board Members - The Ninth Session

SOCPA Secretariat General
Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Meghames - Secretary-General
The Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of the Organization and practice the powers needed for realizing its objectives. Specifically, the Board shall be empowered to :
1. Propose amendments it sees fit to the Certified Public Accountant's Regulations; and the rules and decisions necessary for its implementation and any other regulations and rules relating to the accounting and auditing profession .
2. Review, develop and approve accounting and auditing standards.
3. Establish the financial and administrative rules for the Organization and determine its fiscal year.
4. Develop the internal structure of the Organization .
5. Determine membership subscription fees and the method of their collection .
6. Organize the fellowship certificate examinations to cover the professional, practical and theoretical aspects for the practice of auditing and other related subjects .
7. Organize programs and courses of continuous education .
8. Form technical committees such as Accounting and Auditing Standards, Quality Review, Examinations, Nomination, Continuous Education, Professional Ethics Committees etc. and lay down the rules and procedures for the performance of their functions .
9. Appoint the Secretary General of the Organization and his deputy provided they are Saudi Nationals who satisfy the conditions prescribed for granting the license to practice but are not in practice .
The Board of Directors shall determine their duties, responsibilities, rights and the method of their financial remuneration.