About us

Who Are We?

The Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountants (SOCPA) is a professional body pioneering and overseeing the accounting and auditing profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We aim to improve and contribute to the development of the practice of the profession whilst monitoring its performance quality. SOCPA works also to raise awareness of the rules that governs the practice and ultimately enhance the participation of the profession in serving the community and the national economy. We also work tirelessly to support business-related individuals, institutions, and other groups in order to boost confidence and increase transparency in financial statements and protect their users and investors alike.


Our Vision 

Encouraging and supporting the practice of the profession so it can deliver high-quality professional services and grow its share of Corporate Social Responsibility in keeping with Saudi Vision 2030.

Our Mission

Developing the profession of accounting and auditing and improving its services and contributing to enhancing confidence in the national economy.

Our Role 

  1. Regulating the accounting and auditing profession and applying the required quality controls to its performance.

  2. Developing and adopting accounting and auditing standards, as well as any other professional standards of relevance.

  3. Qualifying and training of accounting and auditing practitioners and certifying professional exams that are related to acquiring professional certificates.

  4. Increasing the society's confidence in the accounting and auditing profession and maintaining it.

Our Values

    Professionalism, Transparency, Integrity, Reliability, Excellence.

Last Update On: 09 Jan 2022