Student Membership

Service Description

This service allows students to register and become part of an accounting entity and benefit from SOCPA's outputs and get the latest developments in the profession.

The target group or the beneficiary


Service fee

No fees

Controls and conditions

Student membership is offered to students who meet the following conditions:
1 Saudi nationality.

2 Have one of the following qualifications:

No. Qualification Level in Saudi Standard Classification of Educational Levels and Specialization Accepted Specializations
1 Student with a bachelor's degree (or any higher degree) from a Saudi college of Administrative Sciences or other recognized universities. Level (6, 7, and 8) PDF
Students at the diploma level in Accounting from Saudi universities, colleges, institutes or similar recognized entities.
Level (5) PDF

Only educational certificates recognized by the Ministry of Education are accepted

Service channels

Service Level Agreement

Must be within a period of one day to a month. If it is not done within this period, escalation can be done via email to


1. A copy of the national identity.
2. A colored personal photograph.
3. A copy of the academic record.
4. A copy of the student identification letter issued by the University on a recent date.

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How to use the service

    1. Go to E-services
    2. Student membership
    3. Attach the required documents
Last Update On: 03 Feb 2024